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About Us

Our mission is to empower our clients with best-in-class benefits that enable them to retain top talent anywhere in the United States. The key to being able to offer top quality benefits for all employees without creating undue financial burdens on the company is the design of the benefits themselves.

We were founded with the mission to source and develop the best options for employee benefit solutions after feeling frustrated ourselves with an inability to offer economical solutions for the entire workforce.

By leveraging technology and removing unnecessary expenditures: our programs achieve simplicity, coverage, and cost effectiveness; which enables companies to better provide for all of their stakeholders.


Kirk McMillan, Agency President

Our mission is to bring quality and affordable health plans to employers of all sizes, nationwide. I’ve been a business owner my entire career and have experienced the uncertainty and frustration of wanting to provide health care for employees while premiums continue to rise. Through our group health plan, business owners can finally reduce and normalize their health care while providing more benefits to employees. In the end, retain people easier and recruit talent better. Thank you for learning about us and we look forward to learning about how we can help you.




We value results, and our freedom to achieve what success means for each of us, however we wish to achieve it.


We create more energized teams wherever we instill solutions, which is what inspires our own energy, as well.


A cornerstone of our culture is acceptance and the active fostering of unique perspectives, cultures and backgrounds.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

The leadership of RiseWell brings a diverse perspective to employee benefits having led companies across various sectors. Having run companies of various sizes, we understand the challenges firsthand facing employers who want to take care of all of their employees, meet all of their regulatory obligations, and do so in the most fiscally prudent manner.

Some Client Perspectives…

Director of Finance

RiseWell healthcare solution will save us over $30k on the policies for our owners, making it possible to provide healthcare to our 32 other employees for the first time, which makes retention a much smaller issue than it has been in the past for us.


We are a small company with 11 employees in 5 different states, making it impossible for us to find a single group health insurance program that would work for everyone until we spoke to RiseWell. We were amazed that the premiums were so affordable and the same in each state.

HR Manager

We crossed the 50 employee mark this year and didn’t think we would be able to meet the ACA employer requirement. RiseWell’s solution is not only affordable but our employees are happy with access to better benefits with lower out-of-pocket costs for their families.


With 900 employees, we’ve been self-funded for 10 years and thought we had a comprehensive plan until we saw the RiseWell solution that had a multi-million dollar impact.