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Imagine Health Care That is Truly Beneficial

The RiseWell health care solution offers full-spectrum coverage going above and beyond what most employees have come to expect from their company’s health care.

Some examples of how our solution changes how our clients and their employees interact with their healthcare include:

Eliminating Barriers

With the touch of a button, members conveniently access care coordinators 24/7, available in all 50 states. Members have the flexibility to choose their own doctor from a nationwide network.

Aligning Incentives

Employees are motivated to maintain good health when premiums affordable premiums are coupled with $0 co-pays for labs and preventative care, unlimited mental health counseling and chiropractic care.

Utilizing Technology

A seamless digital-first model decreases down-time from work beginning with a one-stop app where medical records are kept, allowing clear and simple communication with providers nationwide.

Reducing Waste

24 years ago two doctors created a model focused on high quality care and affordability for all through doctor-to-doctor communication, easy access care coordination and second opinions.               

Make Health Care An Asset For Everyone

Health Care At Your Fingerprints

Have A Medical Need?

24 hours a day. Get your medical needs met with the touch of a button. Simple and easy to use.

Refills Have Never Been Easier

Quick and simple prescription refills.

Use the App to confirm your medication and the App alerts your care team and you are notified when refill is placed.

Care coordinators

At your convenience 24/7/365

We know that time is your most important resource and you need to be able to take care of your health when it is convenient for you. Our care coordinators are a button push away 24 hours a day.

What Our Customers Say

Liquid Platforms

RiseWell helped me provide my employees with modern healthcare benefits at an affordable rate. Everyone on the RiseWell team was attentive to our needs from start to finish. Fantastic experience overall.

Chief Financial Officer

With over 900 employees we have been self-funded for 10 years and thought we had a comprehensive health care until we saw the RiseWell solution that is a multi-million dollar impact.

Sana Sanhi

We crossed the 50 employee mark and didn’t think we would be able to afford to meet our new ERISA requirments. We we’re over the moon with the affordability and high levels of care the RiseWell solution provided.

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